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In the news...

Illinois Leader magazine has published an article on Chicago's road system.

"Chicago may have the worst primary highway system in the country," writes Wendell Cox, a nationally known transportation expert.

Why does our area get such low marks? Because of the 40 largest urban areas in the country, the Chicagoland has the least lane miles of freeway or tollway per capita. This puts the old fallacy that we have built "too many roads" to rest once and for all!

Read the entire article here.

It's the Right Thing To Do

Because Lake County is a great place to live and work...

If you're like many people, you've come to love Lake County.

Over the last 50 years, our county has become one of the most desirable in the nation. Award-winning schools, peaceful yet lively neighborhoods in every price range, employment opportunities that range from prestigious giants like Abbott Laboratories to tiny, promising dot-coms, and fun places from the Ravinia Festival and Great America to country orchards and bed-and-breakfasts make our county a place with literally something for everyone..

No wonder our population has grown dramatically over the fast fifty years.

Because we need to keep it that way ...

As an area's population increases, its infrastructure needs grow, too.

In many ways, Lake County has met the challenges posed by dynamic growth. We've hired more police and firefighters. We've laid thousands of miles of TV, electrical and telephone cables. We've built new schools, new libraries, and even new sewage treatment plants.

One area, however, stands out where we haven't done as well. We've added countless small, residential streets in new subdivisions, but building of new through streets has been at a virtual standstill for decades. The result of this neglect is apparent to anyone who has lived here for more than a few years: our major throughways are more crowded than they've ever been.

And it's only getting worse. With each passing year, commutes get longer and more frustrating.

People often complain about the bad traffic situation in Lake County. Some yearn nostalgically for the days of "fewer cars." That's understandable, but not very realistic. The traffic flow on our roads--people going to work, school, or play, and goods and services being brought to our homes, or taken from our factories and stores to their customers--is literally the lifeblood of Lake County. It would be a genuine tragedy if Lake County were to lose its vibrancy to "clogged arteries." To keep Lake County healthy, we must care for its "circulatory system", just as we've cared for its safety through fire protection, and its educational level through schools.

Because we must start where the need is greatest ...

Lake County faces transportation-related challenges in many places. Western Lake County, however, has fallen further behind in its infrastructure development than much of the rest of the county.

With more undeveloped area, western Lake County has had more room to grow than the eastern part of the county; and it has in fact grown dynamically. But unlike its eastern neighbor, it lacks the transporation backbone provided by the combination of routes 41, 43, and 94. Sadly, the road structure of western Lake County remains in many ways more fitting to the rural backwater it ceased to be decades ago, than to the dynamic and prosperous region it is today.

The common sense conclusion--that the need for a new, efficient throughway is greatest in the western half of Lake County--can be backed up by simple observation. Try to travel, say, from Round Lake to Rolling Meadows at rush hour. It isn't that far on the map, but it's a harrowing journey on today's patchwork of inadequate roads.

People may quibble about the details of the route, but one fact is clear: Western Lake County's needs a major traffic artery to bring its antiquated transportation capacity into harmony with its demographics as they exist today. The Route 53 extension fills the bill.

It's Time For People Who Care To Speak Up!

As you probably know, the 53 Extension has its share of opponents, many, it must be said, with questionable motives (more on this under "why the big fuss".)

Those blockading this important project are relatively few in number, but they're well organized--and well financed. It's time for us--the literally millions who believe in giving our county the best possible infrastructure to allow it to breathe, to grow, and to prosper--to stand up and be counted too! If you're one of us--the people who care--then welcome aboard! But remember: the best intentions do no good if they're not followed up with action. This web site is here to provide you with information, to give suggestions on what you can do, and to help the huge, but unfortunately hitherto less than well organized community of people who care to come together. It may be a well-worn cliché, but it's true: together, we CAN make a difference!