Careers at ABS

Do You Have What It Takes?

At ABS, we’re very “choosy” about who we hire. Why? We have long-standing business relationships that deserve the best… and we have a reputation to uphold.

If you’re an experienced professional who values competitive pay and benefits, an opportunity to learn and grow, and a flexible work environment, ABS may be the place for you. We offer all these things.

Plus, we will work with you to create an employment relationship tailored to your individual life needs. In addition to full-time positions, we offer part-time employment opportunities, and the chance to do at least some of your work from your home office.

We have needs for the following skills (ideally, a combination of several):

  • Microsoft SQL Server Programming and Development
  • Microsoft Access Programming and Development
  • Microsoft Visual Basic Programming and Development
  • HTML, ASP, .NET Development
  • Systems analysis and system design (especially financial and marketing systems)
  • Sound accounting and financial reporting knowledge

Check us out! Send your resume in complete confidence to, and we’ll contact you in the manner you prefer, by phone or e-mail. Please note the following:

  • PRINCIPALS ONLY! No agencies please.
  • WE DO PAY A REFERRAL FEE TO INDIVIDUALS. If you know someone who you think might be a good “fit,” please contact us for details.
  • We offer careers, not just jobs. We do NOT hire on a “1099” subcontracting basis, nor do we seek temporary staff. While we are open to flexible work arrangements–including part-time employment–we do not hire “moonlighters,” nor those operating their own consulting businesses.
  • All our employees must have sound technical skills. We do not have positions available for “generalists” or purely managerial staff without up-to-date, “nuts and bolts” computer skills.
  • We require excellent English language communication skills of all employees; if not a US citizen, you must have all appropriate work permits before starting employment at ABS.
  • ABS is an equal opportunity employer.

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