System Development Services

ABS offers a wide range of services. Those seeking a complete “turnkey” solution will want to use them all. Many clients, however, need additional resources only for a specific phase of their project, most commonly programming. We’ll tailor an individual solution to your needs. Here’s what we can do for you:


  • Help you to develop a comprehensive IT strategy
  • Help you to define your exact systems needs
  • Point out both problems and opportunities in your existing situation
  • Help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of available technologies
  • Help you to evaluate alternative solutions

System Design

  • Do walk-throughs and joint application development sessions to ensure that user requirements will be met
  • Create a complete project plan
  • Estimate costs and resources needed
  • Plan both in-house and external staffing

System Development

  • Provide project management resources as needed
  • Provide programming, testing, and documentation resources as needed
  • Develop software using state-of-the-art technology
  • Augment your IT staff on a temporary basis

System Implementation

  • Install new software
  • Convert data from legacy to new system if needed
  • Ensure integration with existing hardware and software
  • Provide documentation
  • Train users

System Support

  • Answer questions and solve problems as they arise
  • Work together with your IT organization on support issues as needed
  • Enhance your systems when needed
  • Provide continuity of knowledge to your organization
  • Train new personnel

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