ABS Client Success Stories

Advanced Business Systems (ABS) financial technology solutions experience is extensive. ABS has served a wide variety of clients in the Chicago and Lake County areas and beyond. Here is a sampling.

Client: Fortune 100 healthcare company

Challenge: Track regulatory data in such a way as to fulfill stringent FDA requirements while minimizing the burden on clerical staff, and without introducing the human errors that can occur when large amounts of data are processed manually.

ABS solution: Build a SQL database with an Access front end, and use state of the art document scanners to speed up digitization of paper documents.

Client: Large religious organization

Challenge: Keep in contact with over 100,000 members; keep address and donation records up to date.

ABS solution: Build a Web-enabled SQL database that allows members to update their own information, and with which volunteers can perform data entry from home. Create “smart” business rules that catch many data entry errors. Include U.S. Post Office-approved CASS/PAVE certification software that maximizes savings on bulk mailings.

Client: Small used textbook dealer

Challenge: Keep track of a warehouse full of used textbooks, and be able to quote prices to potential textbook buyers and sellers quickly and efficiently.

ABS solution: Use bar code scanners to “scan in” books on arrival, and store the data in a Web-enabled database. Allow potential customers to query availabilities through a Web site.

Client: Medium-sized engineering firm

Challenge: Track progress in new subdivisions across the country. Know which surveys and other services have been performed, and be able to invoice clients quickly and accurately.

ABS solution: Build a Web-enabled central database that seamlessly interfaces with in-house accounting. Field personnel can use the database to schedule, enter, and track services performed. Create in-house software with which the accounting department can access the database to generate invoices with a minimum of manual intervention, and with seamless integration to A/R.

Client: Large pension fund for a Chicago city government department

Challenge: Track contributions being made by current employees; calculate payments to be made to pensioners including changes such as increases, and widows’ benefits when pensioners pass away. Track all payments and provide analysis to actuaries.

ABS solution: Build an extensive database and automatic feeds of contribution data. Create software for data entry and reporting as well as generation of paper checks and ACH electronic payment files for submission to bank. Generate analyses in both report and Excel formats.

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